Why Stamped Concrete Is A Great Alternative To Wooden Decks

If you love the classic look of a wood deck, stamped concrete might not be on your radar as an alternative option. Before you start budgeting for wooden decking, here are three reasons why a stamped concrete deck is a better choice than real wood.


There are a lot less maintenance requirements when it comes to stamped concrete. It’s resistant to moisture and UV damage so you only need to reseal a concrete deck after a few years. Plus nothing sticks to the surface, so a simple sweep and wash will keep the patio deck clean. 


Concrete is a strong building material with a life expectancy of 50 to 100 years. Wood decking comes in softwoods and hardwoods, but they will absorb moisture which can lead to many issues. A stamped concrete faux wood deck has a seamless, durable finish that resists cracks, peeling, and impacts.


Generally, a wood deck costs a lot more to build and install compared to a stamped concrete patio deck. The size, quality of materials, and the difficulty of the terrain where it sits all influence the final cost. Prices for stamped concrete will vary depending on the contractor, but a stamped faux wood deck will always cost less.

You can contact our dedicated team here at ESPJ Construction if you have any questions or concerns about how to maintain your concrete patio. We can help you create a raised patio, an option with a longer lifespan than a wood deck. Don’t wait!