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What dreams do you have for your home and landscape? As concrete professionals, we offer the skills and design ideas to bring your visions to reality.  


Every step of the way from planning to installation. We are with you 100%. We work closely with our clients to develop their best project strategy.


Our team of designers can create any look you desire. We install all types of decorative concrete, pavers and stone, giving you an endless array of options.  


From concept to realization, our team guarantees you the outcome you desire. Our goal is always to exceed your expectations.

Concrete and Masonry FAQ.

Yes. We will clean up all the materials and debris when we leave.

Concrete lacks in tension, but is really good in compression and shear.

We know that concrete lacks in tension, so for us the best way to avoid concrete from cracking is to reinforce it by using steel bars, fiver mesh, and wire mesh.

Concrete surface should be hydrated after it is poured. This process takes 5 to 7 days.

The best way to maximize concret stength is through its ratio of water. For instance; the higher the ratio, the weaker the concrete will be and vice versa.

Yes, but we re-use concrete forms up to three times.

Yes, minimum of 6” inches up to 10” inches.

Durability, strength, water-tightness, resistance to abrasion.

Typical 145-150 pcf (lightweight 75-100 pcf).

We usually have ready mix and transported to site, but depends in the quantity we site mix.

Wood, steel, plastic, plywood

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