Upgrades for Your Home & Backyard in 2021

Among the most popular investments people are making as we battle the pandemic is in their homes.

We work from home. Children often are going to school remotely. We engage in more recreation in and around the house, whether on the deck or patio or in the pool or hot tub. No one can say for sure when we will be, as the airlines like to say, safe to move around the cabin.

ESPJ Construction claims a long and proud history of building those amenities and doing a great job, and we know how much people enjoy getting more full use from their property. Is there a cost? Yes. But now it’s just as much of an investment, because property values continue to rocket and the shortage of properties on the market won’t end anytime soon.

The National Association of Realtors reports that December home sales were 22 percent above those of the same month in 2019. Home sales for 2020 totaled 5.64 million and “home sales could possibly reach 8 million if we had more inventory,” said Lawrence Yun, chief economist for the Realtors.

Staying put? Call ESPJ Construction and upgrade your home for your own enjoyment now and also for its future resale value. We’ll help you maximize your enjoyment of outdoor living.