Types of Materials Used For In-ground Pools

If you’re thinking about getting an in-ground pool for your New Jersey home, then it’s crucial that you pick the right material. Not only will it affect how your pool looks, but also how long it lasts. Here are three of the most popular materials to choose from:


A gunite pool is a top pick for many because it lasts long and can be created in any form. A series of metal rods are sprayed with a concrete and sand mixture to construct a gunite pool. The beauty of gunite pools not only provides you limitless design options, but also durability .


Fiberglass pools may be built in a wide range of sizes and layouts. They are all constructed as a single piece and then placed in your garden. Fiberglass pools, like gunite pools, can be heated to extend the swimming season and add fiber optic illumination for nighttime enjoyment.

Fiberglass is a sturdy, yet lightweight material made of small glass filaments woven into cloth. It is hardened with a polyester resin and given a smooth finish with a weather-resistant gel.


A vinyl liner pool has a sheet of custom-made vinyl between the water and the pool structure. The top edge of the lid, known as a bead, is locked into a track on the bottom of the coping at deck level.

The flooring rises up to meet the walls, which are held in place from behind so that they do not bow out due to the weight of the water. The swimming pool’s perimeter form is created by joining all of the wall panels together.

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