Should You Repair or Replace Your Concrete Driveway?

A concrete driveway is easily the most durable material choice when it comes to residential and commercial driveways. Despite its durability, your concrete driveway can take on wear and tear from the elements. This is especially true in you live in a colder climate, where cold weather and snow can cause cracks in your concrete.  

Signs of a Damaged Driveway 

Knowing the signs of damaged concrete is important in determining how severe the damage could be. For example: lines look like surface cracks could actually run deeper than they appear. Small cracks and fractures can expand and deepen easily from water penetrating the existing fractures. Other signs of damage to look for are sunken areas and divots. These can occur if the sub-grade wasn’t properly prepared and therefore the concrete sinks because of the lack of proper support. 

Assess Your Concrete for Damage

When it comes to damaged concrete, every case is different. The main rule of thumb when it comes to driveway repairs is that if the crack or divot exceeds two inches deep, it’s better off to replace, but anything less can be resurfaced in most cases. You should heavily consider the age of your driveway when deciding whether to repair or replace. Also if your driveway is newer and already cracking or sinking, it can be a sign that it’s not installed properly.

Repair or Replace?

There are various factors that can go into deciding whether to replace or resurface your concrete driveway. The bottom line of the matter is that while resurfacing can extend the life of your driveway, your driveway is only as good as the foundation it’s built on. If your concrete driveway is nearing the end of its life or your new driveway is already showing signs of cracking or sinking, it might be in your better interest to replace it.

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