Raised Patio Benefits

If you are thinking of enhancing the exterior of your home, perhaps you should consider having a raised patio installed. It is a great outdoor living area design that can be added to virtually any space, any style and on any size of property. It is also a great way to increase your entertaining space and offers a beautiful transition from the steps of your home into the surrounding yard. Here are some of the top benefits of a raised patio.

The cost of installation is lower than that of installing a similar sized wooden deck. Additionally, there are almost no maintenance requirements, keeping the long-term costs significantly lower than decks.

Endless Design Options
One of the greatest benefits of having a raised patio installed is the endless design options. It can be built in almost any shape, size or style and can be situated in virtually any location. When creating a raised patio design, options can include multiple levels, steps, curved edges, seating and more.

Minimal Construction Constraints
Raised patios can be constructed in areas that lack uniform grading or those that do not come in contact with the surrounding landscaping. They can be installed in almost any space with few constraints. Other amenities that are also easily added are outdoor kitchens, built-in benches, pergolas and more.

Many Material Choices
There are many material choices to consider, including decorative concrete, pavers, or natural stone for the base of the patio. Perimeter walls can be faced with stone or brick veneer. Virtually any material that can be used to create a patio situated directly on the ground can be used to create a raised patio. The primary difference in installation is the amount of base material that is laid under the patio paving materials, as well as any additional side walls or steps that are required from the patio to the surrounding landscape.

Low or No Maintenance Requirements
Raised patios are a maintenance free outdoor living area. They also outlast a wood deck and can be enjoyed for many years. Unlike wood decking, there is no need for staining, painting or sealing to be done periodically. And unlike a patio that is built directly on the ground, there are no issues with weed growth. Typically, occasional cleaning is necessary to keep the patio looking beautiful and keeping it free from mold or mildew.

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