Protect Your Concrete Patio from Winter Damage With These Steps

Stamped concrete patios can withstand a good deal of wear and tear, but as the temperature drops, it can impact the integrity and beauty of your patio. Follow these winter concrete protection tips to keep your patio looking great through the season.

Carefully inspect your patio

Since the freeze-thaw cycle is a big contributor to concrete damage, you should get ahead of the problem and repair any cracks in your patio as soon as possible. You can fill in any small cracks and fractures with concrete sealant to keep it strong as temperatures rise and fall.

If you notice large fractures in your stamped concrete design, you should call a concrete repair professional.

Keep a resealing schedule

Depending on the type of concrete sealer originally used on your patio will determine how often you’ll need to have your patio resealed. Topical sealers can last from three to five years while penetrating sealers tend to last much longer. It’s important to note that it’s more cost effective to maintain the health of your sealant than to have to repair it after damage. 

Practice ice prevention before de-icing

If your patio freezes over, you shouldn’t get a bag of de-icing salt right away. The best winter defense is prevention and salt-free maintenance! You should shovel off snow after every snowfall before it has the chance to harden into dangerous and difficult-to-remove ice, and sprinkle your patio with sand to make it less slippery.

You can contact our dedicated team here at ESPJ Construction if you have any questions or concerns about how to maintain your concrete patio. We can help you create a raised patio, an option with a longer lifespan than a wood deck. Don’t wait!