Pro Tips on Preparing Your Pool for Fall

Now that Summer is shifting into Fall, it might be time to say goodbye to pool life until next year. But before you close up until warmer weather is back, it’s important that you check off these few cleaning and maintenance tasks. 

Gather leaves and debris

You don’t want to let leaves accumulate in the pool and cause algae to grow, do you? You should clean out your skimmer baskets regularly and use a leaf net to skim the top of the water. Any leaves you let sink in the pool can also stain the bottom.

Clean the filter

After a long, hot Summer of poolside days and nights, it’s a good idea to clean out the pool filter. Any falling leaves and debris can clog the filters, so start the new season off right and make sure that filter is fresh and clean.

Monitor chemical levels

You should also keep an eye on the pH and chemical levels in your pool as the temperatures cool and adjust as needed. As the air and water temperatures lower, you don’t need to use as many chemicals in your pool. 

Winterize your pool

The first big freeze can happen unexpectedly and as a NJ resident, you may want to partially winterize your pool, or if winter is approaching quickly, fully winterize your pool. You should start preparing for that now before it’s too late.

Want to know more about preparing your pool for a change in season? Reach out to our professional team and we’ll answer any of your questions.