Plan Your Paradise with the Help of ESPJ

It is never too early to think about the upcoming swim season. Even in New Jersey during the middle of winter.

Last year, when lockdowns for the pandemic began, the rush for swimming pools swamped manufacturers and installers alike. People working from home or with kids in school at home lamented the long delays in getting their dream backyard oasis built and operable.

Get ahead of that curve this year. Especially if you were among those who had a pool installed. And if you are a longtime pool owner, check this out. We’ve got a new service you’re going to love.

Ready? We are now building water slides for backyard pools. This is really cool. And instead of plastic materials, we build our slides using natural boulders of all shapes and sizes so that we can replicate the look of a waterfall you might find in a tropical rain forest. Picture that behind your house!

In addition to adding beauty to your landscape, water slides are great fun for kids and adults alike. Every day is a party.

Turn your pool into a true backyard wonderland and a recreation destination. Add a water slide and listen to the laughter ring out.

That’s just one of the many projects ESPJ Construction, serving New Jersey and Pennsylvania (and New York for commercial work), can undertake for you. Contact us today!