How To Restore Faded Brick Exteriors

Bricks are highly durable and require little upkeep, making them an excellent choice for exteriors. Brick exteriors provide energy efficiency and aesthetic appeal to a structure. Unfortunately, exposure to rain, sunlight, and dirt can cause brickwork to fade. Here’s how you can restore the color of faded brick exteriors:

Gentle Cleaning

A simple power wash may be adequate to clean the outside bricks of dust and grime. Before hosing it down, a mason can scrub the discoloration off with a harsh brush and soap for stubborn stains. However, if brickwork is severely faded or stained, professional brick cleaning masonry services are necessary.

Professional Sealer Application

A professional sealer may be able to revitalize old brickwork and return it to its bright red color. Professional grade spray equipment can guarantee quick and efficient sealing work. Some brick sealants will require many applications, while others will require only one layer of protection.

Address Underlying Issues

In most situations, dull bricks are a sign of more serious underlying concerns like efflorescence. Efflorescence is a white, salty substance that develops on brick walls. To address the source of moisture that is causing efflorescence before applying any clear coat or brick paint, it’s critical to call in expert masonry services first.


Tuckpointing might also give your exterior bricks a great finish. It involves removing sections of the crumbling mortar and replacing it with new layers of contrasting colors along the seams. The result is a crisp, elegant image of well-kept joints that’s free of dust and debris.

For the best results following exterior brick color restoration, contact ESPJ Construction. We’ll address the structural and aesthetic concerns beneath the bricks before planning our masonry services to restore the structure and produce a fantastic finish!