How Concrete Retaining Walls Can Help Your Backyard

When we design the backyard of our dreams, with gently rolling slopes surrounding the flower beds, we need to consider one concern that can ruin landscaping – erosion.

Water and wind will move soil downhill, creating a mucky mess that destroy all of the beauty. Heavy rain or a hurricane can undo a lot of good very quickly.

Retaining walls are the ideal solution for stabilizing sloped landscapes subject to erosion. They can also be used to create seat walls, tiered patios, and raised garden beds.

ESPJ Construction builds retaining walls using a number of different materials, including poured-in-place concrete and decorative concrete or masonry blocks. We can also resurface the faces of your retaining walls with thin-veneer cultured stone and cap the tops with limestone.

Poured concrete retaining walls are the perfect option for stabilizing sloped landscapes susceptible to erosion. Ultimately, the purpose of a retaining wall is to hold back a vertical or near-vertical face of soil that would slide, cave, or slump into a more natural slope.

Contact our design professionals to come out and look at your site and discuss the best retaining wall options for your needs. Let’s keep that lush landscaping protected and beautiful no matter what the weather might bring.