Get Your Concrete Driveway Ready for the Winter

Winter is here which means temperatures are cold and snow is looming. It is important to keep your driveway in tip top shape as temperature changes can cause your concrete driveways to split and crack. When it snows, water may get into the cracks of your concrete driveway and cause the cracks to get even larger because the water freezes. Your driveway is a large investment so during the winter time it is important to not let the weather cause more damages to it. Here are a few tips to maintaining your concrete driveway for the winter time.

Check for Cracks

It is important to check for cracks and splits on your concrete driveway because if they are not sealed in time, the cracks may get bigger causing bigger problems for your driveway. Sealing the cracks is a good idea before snow comes pouring down which may cause more damage to your concrete driveway.

Ice Melt

If your way of getting snow off your driveway is ice melt, it is important to know which kind of melt won’t damage your concrete driveway. Some contain chemicals that will damage concrete driveways while others are safe for concrete surfaces. Calcium based ice melt is what you should be looking for and causes less damage than others.

Clean your Driveway

Cleaning off leaves, debris, dirt, rocks, and other materials off your concrete driveway is a good idea before the snow hits. It would be a wise move to power wash your driveway so there will not be more damage caused by materials on your driveway.

Snow Removal Tools

Make sure to check your snow removal tools for damages. Whether it is a snow blower or shovels, make sure they are working properly. A chipped shovel that gets caught in a crack can cause severe damage to your damage. Don’t let this happen to you just because you didn’t check on your shovel.

With winter already here and snow hitting the ground already, make sure your concrete driveway is maintained properly. You don’t want damages to your driveway because you were careless with your driveway. If you have questions or concerns regarding your driveway, don’t hesitate to contact us at 908-361-9843.