Benefits of Concrete Driveways

Winter weather takes a terrible toll on your driveway.

Ice, snow. Freezing. Melting. Freezing. Melting. Then more ice and snow and the same freeze/melt cycle.

Asphalt takes a terrible beating, not only from the temperatures and precipitation but the treatments we use to make the driveway passable. Road salt, sand, kitty litter – you name it, it may be good for traction but it doesn’t help the surface.

That’s one reason that ESPJ Construction prefers, recommends, and builds concrete driveways. ESPJ wants you to have the best!

Concrete driveways not only last much longer than asphalt, they also offer an endless array of decorative options. ESPJ Construction installs stamped concrete driveways that replicate the look and color of natural stone or brick, and often at a lower cost.

We offer many different styles of concrete pavers to choose from. Our professional installation crews will properly grade and compact the subgrade to prevent your driveway from settling or cracking.

We will also apply a clear sealer to preserve the beauty of your new driveway and protect it from salt, oil stains and tire marks.

Winter won’t be here forever, but we can make sure you have a driveway that looks great and lasts a long time. Contact ESPJ Construction now!