Benefits of a Concrete Driveway

If you are considering remodeling the exterior of your home, then keep reading. Is your driveway cracked? Maybe you want a driveway upgrade from dirt or gravel, to a modern, more appealing surface that’s easier for vehicles to travel on. There are many styles and construction materials to consider, but some might be expensive and might not handle your region’s climate well. Why not consider a concrete driveway? Concrete driveways have many benefits in comparison to other construction materials.

Installing a concrete driveway is a cost effective way to remodel your property. Technological advancement has allowed concrete to be durable and versatile. The decorative styles of concrete are Stamped Concrete and Aggregate Concrete. Stamped Concrete has the ability to simulate brick, slate, flagstone, stone, tile, and even wood patterns. Concrete driveways can also be colored and sealed in virtually any color to increase the visual appeal to your property.


A Stamped concrete driveway can last for 20-30 years and requires very little maintenance, in comparison to many other paving materials. Factors that affect the lifespan of a concrete driveway include climate, water runoff and installation quality.

Stamped Concrete can endure harsh weather conditions and snowy winters. In fact, a large amount of the world’s Stamped Concrete installations are actually performed in Canada! You can maximize the return on your investment by choosing stamped concrete over plain concrete.

Stamped Concrete design tips:

  • Use borders and bands in contrasting colors and patterns to add visual appeal.
  • To give your driveway a stone-like texture, use seamless texture skins to mimic the look of natural rough-cut stone.
  • Even if you have an existing concrete driveway, it’s possible to give it pattern and color by resurfacing it with a stampable concrete overlay.
  • Choose patterns and colors that complement the architectural style of your home for the greatest curb appeal.
  • Added color looks great on stamped concrete because it can make the pattern look more realistic.


Aggregate concrete is made of a mixture of cement and small stones or pebbles.

This type of concrete is rough and gravelly, because the aggregate is exposed. It is finished with a high pressure blast. However, the aggregate is quite fine, making it comfortable to walk on with bare feet.


Concrete pavers allow water to penetrate into the soil or sub-grade beneath the pavers allowing much less water runoff. Concrete pavers rarely crack because there are so many edges to allow for movement from freeze and thaw cycles. During the winter, shoveling snow from paver driveways can be a hassle. A shovel is likely to catch on all of the edges. Additionally, pavers can become loose, causing tripping accidents.

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