How to Repair Cracks in a Concrete Patio

Not only are cracks in a concrete patio unsightly, but they can also invite weed growth, collect debris, and become trip hazards. Shifting soil and freeze-thaw events cause small cracks to become wider and longer. In some cases, one side of the crack rises higher than the other side—a condition called lippage that can lead […]

Types of Materials Used For In-ground Pools

If you’re thinking about getting an in-ground pool for your New Jersey home, then it’s crucial that you pick the right material. Not only will it affect how your pool looks, but also how long it lasts. Here are three of the most popular materials to choose from: Gunite A gunite pool is a top […]

Is Brick or Stone Masonry Better for Your Home?

Brick and stone masonry are ideal for both houses and decorative projects. Builders have long appreciated the durability, resiliency, and accessibility of these construction materials. Brick Clay and shale are used to make bricks. They come in a variety of block sizes, allowing for design versatility or a uniform appearance. They’re highly resistant to fire, […]

Why Indoor Concrete Floors Are Better Than Carpeting

Concrete floors have taken off in popularity during the previous decade, with a near-infinite number of colors, patterns, stains, and acid etching available. Stamp concrete floors to resemble brick, stone, or hardwood flooring. Concrete’s adaptability is remarkable, and because it is much easier to maintain, clean, and disinfect, it is increasingly becoming a material of […]