3 Benefits of a Concrete Driveway


If you are considering a new driveway, you are most likely deciding between asphalt or concrete. While a concrete can be more expensive than asphalt, there are many reasons you should choose concrete as the material for your driveway. Here are some benefits of having a concrete driveway:

Longer Life Cycle

While asphalt driveways have a lower upfront cost, you can save more in the long run by choosing concrete as the material or your driveway. Not only is concrete more durable and heat resistant than asphalt, making it perfect for hotter climates, concrete driveways have far longer service lives than their asphalt counterparts.

Curb Appeal

Concrete driveways come in a variety of colors and designs, making it more versatile in matching the aesthetic of your home. While standard concrete driveways offer considerable curb appeal, you can add your own touch by utilizing colored and/or concrete to make your driveway look as good as your home. Investing in a beautifully designed driveway adds significant curb appeal to your home and therefore the value of your home.

Load-bearing Capacity

If you are someone who owns a large vehicle such as a truck, boat, or RV, you should consider concrete as the material for your driveway.  Asphalt driveways are flexible and can crack or rut under heavy loads, while concrete has superior load-bearing capacity, reducing the likelihood of repairs. If you are a business owner, another thing to consider when deciding on your driveway is how often heavy vehicles will be driving or parking on your property.

Not only does a concrete driveway last far longer than asphalt, there are also an array of decorative options to match your home. To get started on your brand new concrete driveway, or to find out more about the benefits concrete offers, contact the experts at ESPJ Construction today or call 908-361-9843 for a free in-home consultation.